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How very lovely your paintings are, Perry.
Heather Fiander - 6 Apr 2021
Love your work old friend! So glad I found your site.
Helen McNamara - 11 Aug 2019
Outstanding and inspirational Perry! Your work describes with eloquence both what I see, and what I feel when I see it! impressive work, old friend.
Brian Parkinson - 21 May 2019
I feel incredibly fortunate to have purchased your painting "Warm Shadows Rockies" through an online auction to raise funds for Nature Canada. Thank you so very much for your generous donations to this worthy group.
Nancy Addison - 23 Dec 2018
I LOVE what you are doing with acrylics,exactly where I want to direct my work! how I wish I lived where I could join your workshops! I live in Ontario. I am deliberately taking a year this year to loosen up my work which has been more detailed and realistic... you know, portraits with all the colours and landscapes with the feel that I get from yours! I am going to blog about it at A RENEWAL series of blogs... I will be looking at your work for my inspiration for sure!! happy painting!!! are you on face book? I will look for you!
Lynne Hollingsworth - 22 Oct 2016
Beautiful, beautiful work, Perry. I’m so glad to have found your site today. I’m especially delighted to see your painting-a-day folder, as I am currently doing a 100-day challenge started January 1st (now on Day 82), pursued for the same reasons you note. That’s where the similarity ends as your work is a considerable step above mine. I love the excitement of your colour choices and... well there's just too much to list. All good wishes.
Catherine Taron - 22 Mar 2016
I just came across your artwork through Nature Canada. I have fallen in love with your work. How beautiful! I just went to a wedding in Pemberton, and travelled the back roads, coming across some of the vistas you have painted, and was drawn in to so many of your paintings. Wow!!!
Grace Hamilton - 11 Sep 2015
So wonderful to see the dance of colours on canvas you created tonight. Your paintings are truly inspirational.
Fran Alexander - 18 Nov 2014
Perry, we love your paintings! Thank you for sharing them with us and the rest of the world
Rochelle - 14 Jul 2014
I would love to chat with you Perry. If you wish, have a look at Been painting for nearly a year. You have given me something to aspire to. Please say hi to Dean. (See your contact.) Cheers.
Eric Payne - 7 Jul 2014
Absolutely spectacular! As soon as your latest painting scroll down in Rochelle's newsletter, I had to see more. Thank you for the visual treat!
Suzanne Gerard - 19 Jul 2013
So lovely, Perry. I envy you your experience in France, a place I always wanted to go. But my favourite are the Canadian scenes. Seems you often use an Indian Red under painting? You are very talented, Perry.
Heather Fiander - 23 Jun 2013
Perry I just wanted to congratulate you on your body of work. I was just introduced to it via the Artsites newsletter and I think it's just amazing. Keep up the great work! Anna
Anna Clarey - 27 Apr 2013
I so enjoy looking at your website. It's great that you keep it updated! Your paintings are so inspiring!!!! I love your wonderful colours and compositions. Am a great admirer of your work.
Barb Hofer - 22 Jan 2013
I dropped by to browse your recent masterpieces and also to say hello in a long time. Keep up your great work, Perry aka Mr. Haddock!
Kisuk Kim - 23 Jul 2012
Perry, It's a number of years since I worked at the FCA, but being a life member entitles me to receive their magazine. So, it's an absolute Thrill to discover that you have Finally been awarded an overdue senior status!! My heartiest Congratulations, Perry!! Well deserved. I wish you continued success as you paint into the future. Best personal regards, Ellen (Poole) (Former Weekend Gallery Mgr. and FCA Archivist)
Ellen Poole - 25 May 2012
Very nice work. I paint landscapes in acrylics too. I laughed really hard at the Fridge Series! I was thinking of joining the LAI. Is it worth it (not in the cost sense)?
Warren Peterson - 8 Mar 2012
Awesome... I like your paintings look great Wow!..
Estimado Perry: navegando por internet me encontré con su página y me maravillé con su pintura. Me gustaron todas, pero por decir algunas la "Costa de Ornord!s, Verabo en la Localidad, Tardes de Paseo, en fin tendría que enumerar muchísimas. Yo soy artista plástica, vivo en la ciudad de La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina. Me dedico de pleno a la pintura y a la enseñanza. Si bien no tuve la oportundiad de ir a Bellas Artes, me formé en Talleres con Profesores Universitarios de primer nivel. Tengo un grupo interesante de alumnos que me siguen y mi página es, me gustaría que la visite y me encantaría algún comentario al respecto. Me gusta la crítica para poder superarme. Solo me queda felicitarlo y desearle lo mejor para este año 2010. Vilma Venier. La Plata . Argentina.
vilma venier - 13 Jan 2010
I am really interested in following the career of Elisa - especially her princess series. The other guy produces too much to keep up with.
Ron Hatch - 7 Aug 2009
Christine and I enjoyed meeting you and your wife and seeing your work in such a pleasant setting. I will return to look again.
Ron Unruh - 9 Jul 2009
lovely stuff, Perry.It reminds me of all the wonderful scenery of B.C.,something I miss, since moving to Ontario some 25 years ago.
Brett H. Osborne - 17 May 2009
Absolutely beautiful paintings. Love the vibrant colours. I can see myself in every painting, smelling the fresh air and enjoying the scenery. Stunning. Had to laugh out loud at the story from "Spring Pastures" in the Plein Air Gallery. That's so something my dad would have said who was born in Germany. I have seen your work at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley, BC. Beautiful.
Silke Spodzieja - 7 May 2009
Perry,your paintings are beautiful. Your Grandaughter too. Greetings to you all.
Ted Woodard - 21 Feb 2009
Great website Perry! I love all of it. I have too many favourites. Lori's painting is wonderful.
Shannon Miles - 29 Aug 2008
Also love Island Textures.....I'd love it on my wall too. How much?
Gretchen Zinkan - 10 Aug 2007
Love your work Perry. I love Moody Hues...delightful. How much to buy it?
Gretchen Zinkan - 10 Aug 2007
Just purchased "Sasamat Lake" (Al Colton homage)from Brenda at the Fort Langley Gallery. Brilliant piece of work. Thank you.
Dr. T. Andrews - 4 May 2007
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